Sepsis & Critical Illness Research Center (SCIRC) Community Outreach & Engagement

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Sepsis & Critical Illness Research Center (SCIRC) Community Outreach & Engagement

Community outreach and engagement are crucial components of the SCIRC’s mission to connect with the community we serve. We understand that we cannot achieve our goals without the support, input, and feedback of our communities. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive outreach and engagement strategy that focuses on building relationships with our community members, understanding their needs, and working collaboratively with them to explore and develop broader solutions.

Our community outreach and engagement efforts involve a range of activities, including but not limited to:

  • Participating in community events (in person & virtual settings)
  • Formal and informal conversations, workshops, conferences, and meetings
  • Collaborating with organizations to build partnerships that work together towards shared goals
  • Developing educational & research programs and resources
  • Various communication platforms to keep our community members informed

Our community outreach and engagement program goals include:

  • Increasing awareness about sepsis to the public
  • Early detection and diagnosis
  • Prevention
  • Improved treatment outcomes
  • Establish collaborative relationships with researchers and experts
  • Listening to learn, improve, and understand how to better serve our community
  • Support survivors

Our community outreach and engagement efforts are grounded in the principles of inclusive excellence. We strive to ensure that all members of our community have a voice and that their perspectives are valued and respected. Through our ongoing engagement with our community members, we hope to build a stronger, more resilient, and more connected community for all.

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For more information regarding the SCIRC’s outreach and engagement activities, please contact Amanda Reifenrath at: or by phone at (352) 594-5144.