inSEPStigator: A Rapid Noninvasive Point of Care Device for Sepsis Analysis via Biomarkers

Congrats to the inSEPStigator team for successfully completing their capstone!

Dr. Efron enjoyed collaborating with the Arizona State University (ASU) team during their capstone project development. The team developed a device to detect levels of CRP and IL-6 in saliva to characterize the patient’s possibility of having sepsis with the hopes that it would be a diagnostic tool to detect sepsis faster. They based their test on using antibody-linked gold nanoparticles to provide a colorimetric result on a test strip.  Then using a sensor to detect and quantify the result.


ASU BME Sepsis Detection Project

capstone team
From left to right: Santiago LeDoux, Malissa Petersen, Britney Hill, Ariel Gravino, and Alexis Coakley