Illuminating Horizons: University of Florida Department of Surgery Research Day



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Illuminating Horizons: University of Florida Department of Surgery Research Day


The SCIRC was thrilled to participate in the UF Department of Surgery Research Day. The department’s research day is an annual celebratory event that provides a unique platform for researchers, students, and faculty members to showcase their groundbreaking work and innovative ideas to a wider audience. Coupled with the annual Dragstedt Visiting Professor and Lecture, departmental scholars not only disseminate their knowledge, but also inspire others to think beyond existing boundaries.

Research Day brings together individuals from diverse discipline, facilitating invaluable connections, and interdisciplinary collaborations. Collaborations forged during the department’s research day often leads to new perspectives, novel methodologies, and groundbreaking projects that contribute to the advancement of surgical sciences, catalyze breakthroughs, transform patient care, and shape the future of healthcare.

Department of Surgery’s Research Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of our academic community. By recognizing outstanding contributions, the event motivates participants to continue pushing the boundaries of knowledge and strive for excellence, inspiring a sense of pride and reinforcing the value of academic pursuit. With this in mind, the SCIRC is filled with immense pride and admiration for our trainees who participated in research day. Their dedication, hard work, and contributions to the event exemplify their commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and pushing the boundaries of medical research. The SCIRC recognizes the significance of their involvement and acknowledges the impact their contributions have made on the field of healthcare.

Please join us in congratulating all the award recipients! However, we would like to extend a special recognition to SCIRC trainees Dr. Valerie Polcz and Dr. Evan Barrios. We applaud their exemplary efforts and look forward to witnessing their continued success!

The award winners for the event are as follows:


  • Basic Science – Valerie Polcz – BCG Vaccination at Birth Induces a Regulatory Response, which Prevents Excessive Inflammatory Responses Associated with Murine Neonatal Sepsis and DEA
  • Clinical Science – Evan Barrios – CITE-SEQ  Illustrates a Unique Myelodysplasia after Sepsis

Plenary presentation winners received a plaque and a check for $750.


  • Basic Science – Jakob Hamilton – Flotillin-2 Associates with Proliferation and DNA Damage in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma In Vitro
  • Clinical Science – Andrea Riner – A Gravid Situation: Faculty Support for Pregnant Surgical Residents

Quickshot winners received a check for $200.

We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Gilbert Upchurch, Copeland Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery for supporting the financial awards, and the Department of Surgery for hosting such a profound and impactful event. The Department of Surgery’s commitment to promoting research and innovation is truly commendable. By hosting this event, they have created an environment that encourages collaboration, inspires ground breaking discoveries, supports the professional growth of our residents, and enriched our academic community. On behalf of all the participants, we express our gratitude for Dr. Upchurch’s and the Department of Surgery’s unwavering support and commitment to fostering a culture of research excellence. It is through events like this that we are able to strengthen our knowledge, forge meaningful collaborations, and contribute to the advancement of surgical sciences and patient outcomes.

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