Kudos to Dr. Valerie Polcz! Shock Visual Editor 2023

Dr. Polcz

Shock® has recruited Valerie Polcz, M.D, as their Visual Editor (VE) to produce visual (graphical) abstracts based on accepted papers. The VE will create one visual abstract each month summarizing the major findings in a manuscript selected by the Editor-in-Chief. This visual abstract will be included as part of the published paper.

Dr. Polcz is a current T32 resident and member of the SCIRC. We are excited to see her contributions to the field of academic publishing and look forward to the exciting advancements she will bring to the Shock journal in 2023. Congratulations, Dr. Polcz!

To learn more about Dr. Valerie Polcz, please visit her profile here: https://surgery.med.ufl.edu/profile/polcz-valerie/.