Sepsis in the News & the UF Health Bridge

Washington Post image1. Sepsis nearly killed me. This is what it was like.

Pain, fever, an emergency flight to a trauma unit. Recovering from near-death has meant taking care of my mental health, too.

Sepsis is an extreme immune system response to an infection — a medical domino effect in which the final stage, septic shock, can be organ failure and death.


2. September is Sepsis Awareness Month

In light of Sepsis Awareness Month, I wanted to reaffirm our commitment to providing the highest quality, evidence-based care for sepsis at UF Health Shands.Sepsis is a serious condition, and is the leading cause of mortality for inpatients across the nation. It is a critical issue that requires our utmost attention and dedication.At UF Health Shands, we have always strived to be at the forefront of health care, continuously seeking opportunities to improve patient outcomes. Sepsis is no exception. Our multi-disciplinary Sepsis Team work diligently with all our health care professionals to raise awareness, enhance early detection and implement best practices for sepsis management.Join us in raising awareness about sepsis prevention by participating in Sepsis Awareness Month events hosted by the UF Sepsis and Critical Illness Research Center. Visit to learn more. Thank you for your dedication to this critical cause!


Nicole M Iovine

Program Director; Clinical Professor & Hospital Epidemiologist