Sepsis Awareness Month 2023: A Unified Community, Committed to Inspire, Raise Awareness, and Combat Sepsis with Unyielding Determination



Sepsis Awareness Month is an annual campaign that takes place every September, dedicated to raising awareness about sepsis—a life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to an infection injures its own tissues and organs. In 2023, the SCIRC community witnessed an extraordinary outpouring of support and creativity during Sepsis Awareness Month. From informative events like the SCIRC Shand’s Atrium table event and the 5K Depot Park Fun Run to innovative challenges like the Opus Coffee Sleeve Selfie Challenge, and engaging media contributions through CME credit podcasts and blogs, this year’s campaign truly captured hearts and minds.

Gratitude extended to our valued community collaborators Opus Coffee, Depot Park Fun Run Organizers, and UF Health Communications. Special thanks to the College of Medicine, the Department of Surgery, and Shand’s Hospital for their invaluable support.

Sepsis Awareness Month 2023 showcased the power of collective efforts and creativity in raising awareness about sepsis. This month demonstrated that everyone can contribute to a critical cause. By coming together, sharing knowledge, and supporting survivors, we take significant steps toward preventing and fighting sepsis. As we reflect on this remarkable month, let it serve as a reminder that awareness, education, and advocacy are key in the battle against sepsis, not just in September but throughout the year.

CME Podcast:

Blog: Stopping Sepsis: Understanding the Signs and Symptoms

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