Patient Safety and Quality Week Activities




The SCIRC is looking forward to participating in the 2024 Patient Safety and Quality Week! Please join us and the Department of Surgery in celebrating patient safety and quality week Monday, March 25th through Thursday, March 27th.

On Tuesday, March 26th from 12-1pm (CTSI) the Department of Surgery will have multiple poster presentations:

“Tracking Sequential Compression Device Compliance in the Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Floor Population by a Triple Threat Approach”  

Team: Sonora Andromeda Windermere, Sarah Webster, Josiane Joseph, Kristen Edmonds, MSN, Sekina Roberts, Dwayne Cole, Oscar Vasquez, Brian Fazzone, Erin Vanzant

“Optimizing Hospital Throughput: A Retrospective Analysis of Discharge Order Timing”

Team: Brittany Fenner, Erik Anderson, Angel Charles, Zachary Hodges, Michael Fassler, Oscar Hernandez-Rios

“Standardization of Overnight Patient Phone Calls Among General Surgery Residents”

Team: Evan Barrios, Valerie Polcz, Kelly Herremans, Chelsea Viscardi, Perez Agaba, Whit Wiggins, Michael Spinosa, Ashley Thompson

“Decreased Operating Room Supply Costs and Increased Value of Care After Implementing a Quality Improvement Intervention”

Team: Johnathan Krebs, Amanda C Filiberto, Cristina J Crippen, Die Hu, Jeremy A Balch, Philip A Efron, George A Sarosi, Jr., Tyler J Loftus, Gilbert R Upchurch

“Use of an Electronic Documentation Module to Improve Operating Room Debriefing Effectiveness”

Team: Cristina Crippen, Kelly Aitken, Christine Simmons, Stephanie Gore, Laurie Davies, Lorrie Petho, Jose Sifontes-Ospino, Tyler Loftus, Gilbert Upchurch

To learn more about patient safety and quality week, please visit: for more information.