Sepsis & Critical Illness Center Shines at the 47th Shock Society Conference

The 47th Annual Shock Society Conference was an exceptional event for the Sepsis & Critical Illness Center (SCIRC), highlighting our ongoing commitment to advancing medical research, fostering professional growth, and building a strong, cohesive team. Our participation was marked by groundbreaking presentations, prestigious awards for our faculty and residents, and enriching professional development activities for center & laboratory staff.

Dr. Efron: Presidential Address and Mentoring Award

A major highlight of the conference was Dr. Efron’s presidential address. As a leading figure in the field, Dr. Efron shared his visionary insights on success in academic research. His address focused on the importance of innovative research and collaboration. Emphasizing the need for continued investment in scientific inquiry, mentorship, and the importance of a collegial spirit in your career approach.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to mentoring, Dr. Efron was honored with the 2024 Mentoring Award. This accolade celebrates his dedication to guiding the next generation of medical professionals, nurturing their growth, and inspiring excellence. Dr. Efron’s commitment to mentorship has been instrumental in shaping the careers of numerous researchers and clinicians, reinforcing the Center’s reputation as a hub for excellence and innovation.collage

Showcasing Our Research

Our faculty and residents made significant contributions to the conference through various abstract and poster sessions. These presentations showcased the depth and breadth of research conducted at the Sepsis & Critical Illness Center, covering a wide range of topics such as novel therapeutic approaches, cutting-edge diagnostic tools, and advancements in critical care protocols.

Our notable presentations and posters can be viewed here:SCIRC @ SHOCK Society Meeting 2024_05.29.24[7]

These presentations not only highlighted the Center’s research prowess but also provided valuable opportunities for feedback and collaboration with peers from around the world.

Keynote Address by Dr. Joe G.N. ‘Skip’ Garcia

We were honored to have Dr. Joe G.N. ‘Skip’ Garcia, MD, from the UF Scripps Institute for Biomedical Innovation & Technology, deliver the keynote address, “DAMPening Inflammatory Injuries in Critical Illnesses via Innate Immunity Targeting.” His presentation provided great insights into novel therapeutic approaches and sparked stimulating discussions on improving patient outcomes in critical care.

Celebrating Dr. Alicia Mohr

Additionally, we celebrated Dr. Alicia Mohr’s election to the Shock Society Executive Council 2024. Congratulations to Dr. Alicia Mohr as the newly elected Shock Society Clinical Councilor for the term 2024-2028! Her election is a testament to her exceptional contributions to the field and her leadership within the community.

Team Building and Professional Development

Beyond the scientific sessions, the conference was a vital platform for team building and professional development for all Center employees. Engaging in these activities fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose, strengthening the collaborative spirit that is essential to our success. Team-building activities & professional development included interactive workshops, networking events, and group discussions, designed to enhance communication, problem-solving skills, and interpersonal relationships. These sessions helped to cultivate a supportive and dynamic work environment, empowering our team to tackle the challenges of critical care with confidence and cohesion.

A special THANK YOU to our Directors and Center PIs who very graciously sponsored our team dinner out: Drs. Bible, Efron, Loftus, Moldawer, Mohr, Maile, Larson, thank you so much for your generosity!


The 47th Shock Society Conference was a remarkable event for the Sepsis & Critical Illness Center, reflecting our dedication to excellence in research, mentorship, and professional development. Dr. Efron’s presidential address and Mentoring Award, along with the impressive research presentations by our faculty and residents, underscored our leadership in the field. The team-building and professional development activities further reinforced our commitment to fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.

As we look ahead, we are inspired by the achievements and experiences from the conference, ready to continue our pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries and exemplary patient care.

Together, we are shaping the future of critical illness and sepsis management, driven by a shared vision of excellence and innovation.