Members and Affiliates

Members and Affiliates of the Sepsis and Critical Illness Research Center

Personnel Name Department Area of interest
Anton, Stephen College of Medicine-Aging Long-term Outcomes
Atkinson, Mark College of Medicine-Pathology Diabetes & Inflammation
Bacher, Rhonda Public Health & Health Professions-Biostatistics Data Management & Biostatistics
Baslanti, Tezcan Ozrazgat College of Medicine-Nephrology Biostatistics
Bihorac, Azra College of Medicine-Nephrology Databases, Acute Kidney Injury
Brusko, Maigan College of Medicine-Pathology Single-Cell Transcriptomics
Brusko, Todd College of Medicine-Pathology Immune Senescence
Campbell-Thompson, Martha College of Medicine-Pathology Molecular Histopathology
Chakrabarty, Paramita College of Medicine-Neuroscience Sepsis & Dementia
Clanton, Thomas College of Health and Human Performance-Applied Physiology & Kinesiology Sepsis & Muscle Wasting